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Meet the Man.

Meet the Man.

Vince Everett Ellison was born on a cotton plantation in Haywood County, Tennessee. 

He studied at Memphis State University (University of Memphis). Vince attained a real-world education while serving five years as a correctional officer at the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina. After resigning his post, Vince began working in the non-profit arena. 

In 2000 Vince became the Republican Congressional nominee for the 6th congressional district of South Carolina. Vince has been a conservative columnist, lecturer and frequent guest on many radio and TV talk shows. 

He currently resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the Midlands of South Carolina.  



Why do the vast majority of Christian African Americans vote for the Atheist/ Anti-Christian Liberal Democrat Party?

The Iron Triangle unmasks the three agents of betrayal employed by the Democrat Party and answers the above question. These three agents: most Black Preachers, most Black Civic Organizers, and most Black Politicians (aka the Iron Triangle) are utilized by Democrats to consummate their wicked plan to control America,   They do this by inciting continuous race hatred in an effort to divide Black and White Christians.

The Democrat Party is the most evil organization operating in the world today. Their leadership consists of a cabal of psychopaths consumed with socialism, slaughter, and sex who have pledged to drive GOD from the face of this Earth. And Christian Black Americans are their staunchest supporters. 

You say this is hyperbole? Any person who is acquainted with history is aware that these things have happened. And any person who understands their Bible and has read the Democrat Party Platform knows these things are happening. I ask you: Have you learned from history? Do you believe your Bible? Are you willing to fight? If the answer is yes, arm yourself. Get the “Iron Triangle." 

We are at war. If we do not fight, the Liberal Democrats and their Iron Triangle slaves will kill us all. First, arm yourself with knowledge. Get “The Iron Triangle."

Be Brave!

Readers of all backgrounds will discover how their own behaviors have been influenced by the insidious iron triangle…and will be equipped to share the truth with brothers and sisters of all colors.

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